Your parking meter can fight coronavirus.

Coronavirus canceled everything. If we donate a bit of what we don’t spend while stuck at home, we can fund the fight to cancel corona back.

Millions are losing work, kids are going hungry, and coronavirus cases are rising. At the same time, we’re collectively spending billions less by not commuting, not eating out, and not going to bars and canceled events. Let’s put that extra cash to work.

See how much you’re saving, then easily donate to help those most affected by coronavirus.

Donate Your Commute
Donate what you're not spending on commuting to help those laid off during the pandemic.
Donate Your Meals
Donate what you're not spending on eating out to hungry kids missing free school lunches.
Donate Your Drinks
Donate what you're not spending on drinks to a collection of nonprofits fighting the effects of the coronavirus.

Donations go to fighting coronavirus in five main categories

100% of your donation goes to a collection of charities tackling five major issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Donate your commute to those who no longer have one.


Donate your meals out to hungry kids missing school lunches.


Donate your usual bar tab to fund vaccine research.


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